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Sorting of weapons and ammunition into categories

Weapons and ammunition for the purposes of the Law No. 119/2002 Coll., about firearms and ammunition, classified as follows: 

a) forbidden weapons, forbidden ammunition or forbidden accessories for weapos - A category - more info here

b) firearms subject to permission - B category - more info here

c) firearms subject to announcement - C category - more info here

d) the rest firearms - D category - more info here

e) ammunition for firearms categories A to D, which are not              forbidden 



SP-96 jednoranná pistole na kovové siluety


Administrative fees and stamps around the Firearm licence

List of administrative fees for the most common acts of Services department for weapons and security material you can found here

Fees are to be paid in stamps, which can be purchased at any post office. The total value of the stamps must correspond to the amount of an administrative fee. Stamps are submitted newly in advance during the request applications!

Applications, along with stamps and with other documents, are submitting to you locally relevant police department.

Complete price list of charges Service department for weapons and security material is specified in the Law no. 634/2004 Coll., on administrative fees - Annex Tariff - Items 16, 30, 31, 32 and 33. 


Dear Customers,

we declare from the management decision that during the period 23.7. - 27.7. a company holiday is planned.

Production will be stopped this week.

Thank you for your understanding, team of PICRA staff