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PICRA company

PICRA company was founded in 1990 by Eng. Ivo Picek on Rakovnik, a beautiful town on the edge of Krivoklat forest, originally as a trading and engineering company.

The company name consists of the initial letters of the name of owner: PIC- ...Picek and the place of origin -RA ...Rakovnik.

Longtime interest about guns and almost twenty years of acting as a sports shooter peaked at Ivo Picek so that he received concessions for the development and manufacture of guns and ammunition, and since this time he starts to be intensively engaged in developing of weapons for metallic silhouette shooting. As a starting silhouette shooter he had quickly found at the time, that this type of weapons acutely missing on the local market. In 1997 the PICRA SP-96 pistols already celebrate the first success on the international races. In 2000 the family of silhouette pistols spread about large-caliber and sub-caliber PICRA SR-97 revolvers and nowadays the whole Czech representation and dozens of foreign shooters and weapons from Rakovnik gain the most valuable medals from ME and MS. Their owners already create a number of world record with them.

PICRA company is also engaged in development of long weapons, like sniper pistols, special hunting weapons and recently the company introduce into production the gun for net shooting, which is designed for catching of various kind of animals.

Hand in hand with the development and production of weapons goes a development of ammunition, which is meant for PICRA weapons and optimally meet the requirements for a given purpose. From the nine ammunition, which PICRA developed up to now, is the most of them designed for individual discipline of metallic silhouette shooting. The ammunition is modeled and optimized on a computer and by its parameters rank among the world elite, which regularly demonstrate to the world competitions. 

Very specific ammunition .308 PICRA, developed for the SR-97 Supersonic revolver, even exceeds the world elite and didn´t find any competitors last year. 

PICRA company cooperates with many armories, research laboratories and experts around the world and apply new knowledge in their constructions. 

The company owner Ivo Picek helps with his weapons to include the Czech Republic among the most successful countries in silhouette shooting, while still in 1995 were been our shooters amazed with world elite skills. Now they definitely belongs among them. 

Since 1996 Ivo Picek personally has become the Czech champion more than 90 times, 17 times the European champion and the world champion 7 times.

                          Of course, mainly thanks to PICRA weapon.