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PICRA SUPERSONIC SR-97 history     

         It is interesting that Samuel Colt and also Bill Ruger were left-handed. Their original design, this can be seen very clearly. When you take in hand a legend such as COLT Peacemaker from 1873, you will find, that you have to hold the gun with your left hand as its hold the left-handed people and with your right hand you just opening the loading gate, discharging empty catridges and charge the new. This process is already do deep-seated that nobody realized, that during the loading and unloading had to various blundered. The reason is, however, in the original construction for the left-handers. 

        When Mr. Ivo Picek began in 1997 with the construction of its large-caliber revolver for the metallic silhouette, meant, that most people are right-handed and therefore he said, that finally makes a good revolver for right-handers. This revolver will be possible to hold in right hand during the gun loading and unloading. That is why, he developed the single-action revolver with loading gate and ejecting rod on the left side. He was refering to a number of other things, such as the shot must have the supersonic velocity during the whole flight, that the shot must have enough energy to target, standing at 200 metres, was safety hit, so as the deflection wind was as small as possible or substantially smaller, than that previously used a revolver ammunition .357 Mag a .44 Mag. And the range of scatter was, if possible, like at the most accurate pistols - specials, used in metallic silhouette shooting. And if that was not enough, so that the recoil of weapon was as small as possible, because the shooter shoots even 90 shots per a day and such as .44 Mag, hardly laborated, it can nicely devastated his hand. These demands were purely pragmatic, some contradictory and  Ivo Picek their set-up based on his own experiences, which  he get during the construction, production and using of PICRA SP-96 silhouette pistols. These weapons were been very succeed and ascend the highest steps thanks to its results. 

        For the knocking the target is necessary the sufficient energy, the target is a silhouette of ram, made from thick steel plate which weight is 25 kilos. Accuracy and a small wind deflection, called wind drift, are necessary when you manage to hit all 40 targets in the current race. It is only at top competitors, like the European Championships or the World Championships - only a few shooters hit all 40 targets, but WHAT IF!? In the final coming the shootout to determine the best of the best shooters and the others. After that take a turn the small size targets, e.g. chicken for a field gun, that has the inscribed circle diameter, as is the best characterized and present size of silhouettes, is 7 cm. And those are built at distance of 150 or 200 m.

       For the uniformed observer are not these targets almost noticed. But as the experienced sihouette shooters said -         you can´t have to seen them, just when you hit them.

      During the shootouts the ammunition, that is sensitive to wind, that it has a large wind drift, act a significant problems and throw the shooter almost into helplessness, because he hits only the space between the targets, or only a false targets. This result is without a chance. 

      Therefore Mr. Picek set at the beginning such a exacting requirements for theintended weapon and said, that is they meet the requirements, so they will be able to stand on an equal with the best revolvers on the world, Cassuls from the Freedom Arms company. They still dominated the top world championships. 

     It does not was the charge that would meet the specified requirements. Mr. Ivo Picek therefore decided, as already in a number of previous cases, that he constructs a charge into the revolver his own, which will be meet all these reverse requirements. Thus, he developed a charge, with the help of computer model, very unusual for the revolver, basically rifle, and named it .308 PICRA. A number of different experts, also foreign, told him, that this charge cannot operate in revolver. He did not get discouraged. After less than two years, ha came out of his workshops with a massive 5-shots revolver, utilizing the full dimensions and weight of the rules for silhouette weapons. And this revolver worked with the origin damned charge. Its accuracy was a promising premise for the upcoming racing season. It approached the anniversary World Championship 2000 in Australia. 

      Yes, this revolver fully meet all the assumptions, that have been designed. He won in Australia, a year after the European Championship in Finland and most recently on 2002 World Cup in France. He always humbled the world best revolvers Cassul from Freedom Arms. Until then, the best on the world.