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SR-97 REVOLVER PICRA SUPERSONIC                                                                                                               Datasheet      

SR-97 Revolver PICRA SUPERSONIC Revolver PICRA SUPERSONIC model SR-97 is designed like a single acting revolver with five-chamber smooth cylinder, with original trigger mechanism Picra, adjustable within 4 ÷ 15 N with very short and gliding operation, with blocking of loading gate during cock the gun. 

Positioning cylinder accuracy against the barrel can be compared only with revolvers Cassul, will of positioning not detectable by manual palpation. By opening of loading gate are blocked the hammer against the extension and secondly to release the locking of cylinder, so that the cylinder is possible to rotate freely counter-clockwise. This is important during the charging and discharging. 

The ejecting of cartridges is by means of rod ejector, the similar like at Peacemakers of the nineteenth century. There was nothing for improvement.

But the cylinder is marked by the latest technologies and materials. The cylinder is made from the high-strength titanium alloy, due to observance of the prescribed maximum weight. Titanium alloys can withstand multiple overloaded compared to steel, which is a welcome feature. Moreover, their specific weight is almost half compared with steels. Cylinder often used to be surface finished with titanium nitrides, TiN most, which is gold, according to customer´s demand. Cylinder is placed on the massive frame made from stainless steel, which is screwed into the strong rolled barrel, long usually 10½".

The space between cylinder and barrel is typically 0,03 ÷ 0,04 mm. The rounded trigger guard is screwed into the frame at the bottom. The hammer has a big inch for easy operation during the gloves wearing. The grip made from walnut wood is draw through into strong grip, which is protruding angularly backwards from the frame. It is ensured by means of M6 screw. It is produced from the quality nut or cruet in three sizes. 

Open sights with front sight blade tunnel and front sight blade are micrometrical adjustable, 1 click corresponds to 1,5 cm/100 m. The tunnel of rear sight base is removed upwards for the possibility of adjustment. The number of calibers of the original .308 PICRA gradually extended to some more: .300 WP, .22 LR, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .460 PICRA. This caliber .460 PICRA is designed especially for the fanciers of maximalist experiences, because the muzzle energy is around 3000 J.

Surface finishing:

  • classic black blacken
  • silky silver stainless steel

Various color combinations:

  • silver with gilded cylinder, trigger and hammer
  • brownish-purple with gilded cylinder and others

The color shade is achieved by surface finishing of titanium nitride, titanium aluminum and others. The final surface is not only the colored effective, but also protect the surface from corrosion and is very hard.