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VS-02  PICRA NETGUN                                                                                                                                            Datasheet                       

Picra Netgun VS-02

VS-02 netgun is designed for catching a variety of animals and birds for studying, testing and providing of medical treatment, banding, tagging, or otherwise marking, attaching telemetric devices, transporting or moving and capture of escaped animals. 

This netgun was originally made like a experimantal-research device for catching of animals, which is use by professional employees during the research of free nature, in veterinary and nature protection area. 

PICRA VS-02 is manual device, and according to the Czech Republic law it is expansive discharge device, which using the gas expansion from the caliber .308 WEX for shoot of the weights set. 

After shot the launched weights pull the net out of the basket and throw it on the animal. 

According to the Law of Guns and Ammunition No. 119/2002 Sb. the VS-02 netgun is a weapon category D, which implies, that to its possession and use is not necessary to have a Gun License, only those is over 18 years old and legally capable.

For reliable netgun operation, the company PICRA was developed  a strong cartridge based on shell .308 W, which is marked .308 WEX. 

VS-02 is usually delivered with two types of universal nets and two weights sets. It is possible to delivery other types of nets from the additional offer according to customer´s requirements. It is possible to catch also big animals, e.g. cows, horses, elks or bears according to the type of the net.

Finally, it is possible to "catch" a small unmanned vehicle - drone with this PICRA netgun. 

Effective gun-reach is 12 ÷ 16 meters.



Carbine SP-96

Carbine SP-96 is a pistol SP-96 with rifle grip.

Calibers are the same as for SP-96 pistol: .22 HORNET, .22 PICRA, .223 REM, .260 PICRA, 7 x 49 GJW,         .30 PICRA, 30 x 39, .300 WHISPER, .357 MAG




1 pc of NETGUN VS-02 we have in our stock - immediately available -

Including 2 pcs of capturing net and 50 pcs of .308 WEX cartridges

You also have the opportunity to personally try the gun at our PICRA company.

Net variants: color khaki, net dimensions: 2 x 2 m; 2,5 x 2,5 m; 4 x 4 m


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