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Weapon type 5-shots, single acting revolver
Material stainless steel, titanium alloy
Caliber .308 PICRA, .22 LR, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .460 PICRA
Barrel length 270 mm, different - according to customer´s demand
Sighting line 340 mm
Trigger mechanism SA, adjustable resistance 4 ÷ 15 N
Total length 445 mm
Total weight 1800 g
Sights type PICRA, covered, micrometric adjustable


5-shot revolver with single-action trigger, developed for metallic silhouette shooting and for hunting

It is produced in this calibers:

  • .22 LR
  • .308 PICRA
  • .300 WP
  • .460 PICRA

Revolver SR-97 has a very robust receiver, which can handle even the strongest calibers. Charging is made with loading gate on the weapon left side. Unloading of shooting charges is by means of ejector rod under the barrel left side.

Barrel has length usually 10½", it can be different according to customer´s demand. 

Sights are micrometric adjustable open sights, covered with hat at forward and at the back side. Revolver enables also the rifle scope mounting. 

The outstanding feature is a very precision processing, so the weapon achieves the admirable precision. For this contribute also using of special charges, developed by Picra company, just for this revolver, using the bottled cartridges (e.g. .308 Picra) and rifle, heavy shot. The deflection of shot during the wind is by this way decreased for the long distances only to 30% compare to other target revolvers. 

This revolver SUPERSONIC won a numerous of top world competitions and showed, that it is belong among the best silhouette revolvers ever.