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5,6x25 - pistol cartridge

5,6 x 25

 - was been developed for a business purposes based on the cartridge 7,62 Tokarev by tapering in the neck        - bullet weighing 2,9 g from a 8" pistol has main velocity about 700 ms-1 (energy about 710J)                              - this charge excels its increased penetration power of individual ballistic protections   

.22 Picra pistol cartridge

22 Picra

 - cartridge .22 Picra is also used for metallic silhouette shooting in the discipline FP (Field Pistol) at a             distance of 100 m                                                                                                                                                         - was developed in 1999 using a .22 Hornet cartridge, recalibrated to achieve a large interval volume            (cylindrical casing, short neck)                                                                                                                                   - cartridge is fitted with whole-sheatted bullets with 224 caliber, weighing 3,6g or 2,9 g                                 - the bordeless version is usable for automatic weapons and its parameters fall into the category of              ammunition PDW 

.308 Picra - pistol cartridge

308 Picra

 - charge has the same cartridge as well as the revolver version of the same name, but the shot is more slide          out from the cartridge                                                                                                                                                               - charge has therefore substantially larger construction length                                                                                          - has been developed for Picra SP-96 silhouette pistol   

.260 Picra light and heavy shot

260 Picra

 - designed for SP-96 silhouette pistol in discipline BB (large-caliber pistols/200 m)                                                    - original cartridge 7,62 x 39 is transformed to a larger volume and has a narrowed neck for a shot caliber 264 (6,7 mm)                                                                                                                                                                                  - starting shot velocity during the shooting from ten-inch barrel is 630 ms-1, Eo = 1730 J                                        - enlargement of cartridge dust space (enlarge the size P2-see CIP) is achieved either with fireforming      - firing of complete charge into relevantly enlarged chamber - or much cheaper and faster  through the water hammer (design and construction I.Picek), it will shape the inside of the cartridge according to the shape of "chamber"

.260 R Picra pistol cartridge

260 R Picra

 - charge has a different shape, but similar ballistic properties like borderless .260 Picra                                              - it is used to fire from silhouette pistol or rifle, it is possible to use it in combined hunting guns with multiple bores, e.g., in triples (due to its thinness)                                                                                                                                  - original cartridge is 5,6 x 50 R Mag

.30 Picra light, medium heavy and heavy shot

30 Picra

 - the oldest one (developed in 1999); used for firing from SP-96 silhouette pistol                                                        - for discipline Field pistol and large-caliber pistol, where it shot at a distance of 200 m                                              - original cartridge 357 Magnum is transformed into bottled                                                                                              - charge is similar to charge 300 WHISPER a 7 mm TCU

30x39 pistol cartridge

30 x 39

 - slight modification charge 7,62 x 39 caliber projectile 308                                                                                                - original marking 7,62 x 39 reminds a military ammunition cartridge used for years by Warsaw Pact troops, and was therefore not allowed in some silhouette countries for sports use                                                                            - French shooters, who wanted to use this charge, suggested its marking as 30 x 39



.300 WP revolver cartridge

300 WP

 - designed for Picra SR-97 silhouette revolver                                                                                                                        - was created in cooperation with the Swiss ballistics G.J.Wasserem (WP = Wasser, Picek)                                          - in the charge set is used the cartridge of Swiss service rifle ammunition 7,5 x 55 GP 11, which was been reduced by 9 mm to 46 mm and the neck has moved toward the bottom  

.308 Picra revolver cartridge

308 Picra

 - constructed in 1998 and is designed for Picra SR-97 silhouette revolver                                                                      - the base is a rifle cartridge 308 Win, shorted to 46 mm by diplaced neck towards the bottom and modified angle of bearing cone                                                                                                                                                                  - long, 12 g heavy shot is pressed deeply into the neck, thereby to achieve a length reduction to 59 mm and enable to use the limited size cylinder                                                                                                                                       - charge excels at high accuracy during the shooting at 200 m distance (2R100 = x cm) and with low lateral divergence due to windrift (wdr200 = 34 cm) 

.460 Picra revolver cartridge

460 Picra

 - the most powerful Czech revolver charge, which was created in 2002 as an extreme caliber for the PICRA SR-97 SUPERSONIC revolver with nine-inch barrel                                                                                                                      - the revolver base is rifle cartridge 375 H&H Magnum with bearing cycle, shortened to 46mm and slightly modify for estuary for shot cal. 458, i.e. 11,6 mm                                                                                                                      - this charge is spplicable not only for the metal silhouette, but also for hunting (range of fire) of heavy animals, where hunting with handgun is allowed



.260 WP rifle cartridge

260 WP

 - hub-based cartridge 7,5 x 55 for silhouette or a sniper rifle                                                                                                - this charge was created in cooperation with Mr. G.J. Wasser (WP = Wasser, Picek)                                   

.360 Picra - rifle cartridge

360 Picra

 - charge was developed according to order for heavier tropical animals hunting

  .300 Picra MAGNUM   

   300 Picra     Magnum

 - charge designed for sniper rifle to shoot at greater distances (up to 1000 m)                                                                - low range of scatter (2R100 = xx cm)                                                                                                                                        - original cartridge was 416 Rigby