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is an acoustic expansion weapon of group D.

It is used for shooting simulation during some theater performances, aviation airshows and war battles performances etc.


HUMBUK 05 uses a cartridge .357 KRAKEN in 30-shots tumble tray, possibly in 60-shots tumble tray.

It is fastened properly to the frame and instead of barrel is used for outflow of dust gases the resonator, which amplifies the acoustic effect. 

The trigger is usually controlled with bowden cable or with electromagnet and by this way is also possible to imitate the sound of automatic weapons dose.

In view of the fact, that the cartridge in cartridge space not move from the tray to the chamber, but it is directly fired in the drum, this weapon (expansion device) is characterized with the high reliability.

To purchase this weapon is not necessary to have a Gun licence, because it is a weapon of group D.


                                                                              HUMBUK 05 - Technical data

Caliber .357 KRAKEN
Weight 3,30 kg


length x height x width


320 x 150 x 120 mm (30-shots)

320 x 150 x 230 mm (60-shots)